7 April 1916

I am afraid once again there has been a long gap between letters: in fact I have only time to write now because my bedding has not got back from the trenches & I cannot go to bed until it comes. As I was up in the line most of last night you can readily imagine that I am pretty tired.  The Brigadier came back all right bringing with him an enormous salmon, which has already lasted for a considerable number of meals.  He, the General not the fish, is now spending his night up – alone this time as Viccars is away on leave, & I must stay in the office.  This morning I had to act as a sort of Cook’s official guide to a party of red hats from another division who wanted to see our trenches.  It is not a very easy business guiding them because one has to keep them away from any place that might be in the slightest degree dangerous while at the same time one is expected to show then all the interesting parts of the line.  Bonnassieux is also away on leave at present but our mess is kept at its usual number by the presence of an officer who has got a bit trench–worn, & is having a rest–cure in our chateau.  There has been quite a lot of strafe lately in these parts & someone is doing a good deal of shooting at the present minute.  We are so far back here that it is impossible to tell exactly where the row is, so I have rung up to try & find out.  My kit has just turned up so I will turn in.

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