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31 March 1916

Just a line or two before going up for our night in the dug-out.  It is Godsal’s birthday today & there is to be a “blow-out” tonight which I shall unfortunately miss.  However that cannot be helped & doubtless I shall be all the better for not eating too many unwholesome delicacies. Yesterday morning was very long & very tiring.  I had to sit on two Courts-martial & both of them lasted well over two hours & a half.  There were seven or eight people all cooped up in a small room on a beautiful morning, when we might have been much better employed somewhere in the open air.

Today is again a simply lovely day & if only it will keep on being so for the next month we shall be all right.  This morning we had a “grand stand” view of what looked like being quite an exciting air-battle.  A German machine came foolishly round quite close to one of our observation “sausage” balloons.  Just as he was going away one of our machines came on him from above & went for him hot & strong with his maxim.  The Bosch got away all right in the end but was evidently hit as part of his machine was on fire.  We have had several good rides lately, & the weather & general “springiness” about in the air is very reminiscent of this time last year.  Wollaston & I used often to go for rides together when we were close to the only hill in Flanders, & took whatever opportunities we could seize to get off the dead level mud-flats.

I must run now as the barber is waiting to cut my hair; it has grown very long during the last few days.  He is really I believe a bomb-thrower but will no doubt manage it all right.