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26 March 1916

Work, work, work and nothing but work, accompanied usually by rain.  Continuous, complete and destructive.  When it is not rain it is snow.  The latter is of course far worse from the point of view of trenches because it melts very suddenly & the volumes of water thus caused simply smashes down everything.  When an unthinking enemy also helps the water with a daily three hour bombardment with the largest trench mortars at his disposal, & turns our front line system into a series of craters and morasses, life becomes anything but pleasant.  Through it all the men keep wonderfully cheerful, and really it is wonderful because the conditions are worse than we have ever had them before.  Last night I spent with the General in advance Bde Hq. the coldest night we have had for some time.  The evening was fine & I had rather a pleasant stroll visiting several of my old friends in ours.  Everyone is very upset about poor old Farmer, & I hope the Huns have to some extent regretted it.  One of his greatest friends is Adjutant of the Howitzer Brigade & every available shell has been hurled into their lines.  The Brigadier is going on leave very shortly & Col Jones will come here to command the Brigade in his absence.  Jones is a great man for Port & we have run out so I don’t know what will happen.  Our supply is taking a very long time coming out from home.  It was rather amusing going round the trenches with the General this morning.  Every single thing we came across seemed to be wrong & several people, mostly officers, got very severely “strafed”.  However when we came to the place which had been more or less demolished by the mortars things altered a bit.  It was so utterly laid waste that one could not possibly tell what was meant to be trench, so we hopped about from one hole to another, up to our waists in filth, & I, at all events, expecting every minute to see another great sausage come hurtling over at us.  Fortunately none came, & the General was so thankful when it was all over that he forgot to strafe anybody else, & was very affable to all he met.  The Bde Major is up there tonight & a real beast of a night it is too, snowing hard.  The General has just given me a little more to do so must stop with love to you all.