Daily Archives: March 21, 2016

21 March 1916

In spite of my somewhat futile ancle I managed to toddle up to the trenches yesterday & had quite a good day on the whole.  Viccars & I went together & both of us came home absolutely as tired as we could be.  Fortunately recent presents from home include two chickens & a plum pudding, so we had a real slap up dinner waiting for us when we got home.   Tomorrow I shall probably make another excursion & possibly spend the night somewhere in the neighbourhood in a dug-out.  We are rather far away here & the double journey is apt to become very tiresome.  V. & I had one rather amusing incident.  There was an aeroplane overhead being shelled & a rather large piece of shell came buzzing down.  We heard it coming some half minute before it actually fell & we both hurried to get our heads under cover – leaving of course our back ends sticking out.  Fortunately it missed us both by a few feet but poor old V. was a trifle scared I think.  His place is hardly in trenches & he is not quite used to these sudden alarums & excursions.  Today has been a busy one at this end, maps & grenades, trench stores & returns.  The quantity of paper that a poor wretched Brigade office gets shot at it from all higher authorities is something too appalling for words.