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16 March 1916

The weather still continues more or less spring-like though there has been an occasional shower or two during the last two days. I spent yesterday wallowing in mud, rolling along disused trenches that had so far collapsed as to render it dangerous to do anything but crawl along.  Crawling in several feet of very think mud is as difficult as it is unpleasant.  However I enjoyed myself & had several good peeps at the Bosch.   Today I have been employing the other half of myself, namely the half that sits behind & sends along stores of all descriptions to the trenches.  This always means anything rather than sitting still & today I have been out quite a lot, flying from one place to another & stealing whatever I could get that I thought would be of any use.  I ran into an O.M.T. today – he did not recognize me but I knew him at once, we were in the same Math. Set, a fellow named Brookes.  As a matter of fact our relations were somewhat strained as he was a good deal senior to me at school & now only boasts of one star.  Tomorrow I hope will be a trench day but I am by no means certain that I shall be able to get away.  The weather is very nice for riding & a very favourite game is to leave me to look after the office while the others go careering all over the place a cheval.  So far we have had a comparatively peaceful time in our new area; we are exceptionally comfortably housed & so long as our Hun friends don’t see fit to send over any heavy souvenirs we shall be alright.