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12 March 1916

The relief is complete & I am back once more in the comfort of headquarters.  It has been a pleasant though a very dirty three days & in some ways I have enjoyed myself immensely.  Later on when our doings do not have to be shrouded in mystery I will tell you all about it.  Also I will tell you about a most delightful gentleman whose acquaintance I have made, whose company I enjoyed for nearly forty-eight hours, whose dug-out I shared & whom, such is the way of the war, I shall in all probability never see again.  Here we are very comfortably situated, not a bad house on the whole, well furnished & with no occupants except a caretaker.  We face South & I have been lucky enough to secure a bedroom looking over the front garden & entrance.  All we need now is to have a little spring-sunshine to melt what we hope is now the last fall of winter snow.  The nicest room in the house is the one that we are using as a sitting-room; it contains a comfortable arm-chair, a modestly satisfactory fire-place & a piano.

The trenches are at present pretty beastly on account of the snow but there are some really first-rate dug-outs & the whole thing might be made quite high-class as soon as the weather becomes a little more clement.  I managed to do a good deal of scrambling about the old bits of ditch that represent what used to be called a trench, & had several good peeps at the Bosches who seem to be suffering in the same way as ourselves from a collapsed parapet.   While up in the trenches the other day, or rather on the way up, I came across an R.A.M.C. Doctor who wanted guiding up, so I volunteered to take him in tow.  He was rather aged & had to request me to go slower, so I offered to carry his haversack. “Oh no”, he said “It is quite light – I have only a clothes brush & a tumbler”.  And it is a fact that he, a soldier, carried a tumbler about, a glass tumbler wherever he went because he objected to the feel of a tin mug.  Think of it, his only necessaires a clothes brush & a tumbler!!!