Daily Archives: March 6, 2016

6 March 1916

I had hoped for a day of peace yesterday but it was not to be.  We had an early Celebration in a local protestant Chapel, converted during the war to a C.E. Church, but after that there was the usual worry & bustle always to be found on the day before a move.  In the morning there were conferences, & orders, & counter-orders, & finally our billeting area for the next night was given us.  By good fortune Viccars was able to secure a car for the afternoon, & taking Bonnassieux with us we rode over soon after lunch to see the ground.  It snowed at intervals & riding was very much pleasanter than the “Charabong” of the day before, & we got first look in of the area.  For Bde HQ we found a White Chateau, somewhat dilapidated, but furnished & uninhabited.  Six bedrooms & as many sitting rooms provide us with a fair amount of comfort, & we have nothing to grumble about.  On reaching home again, there were several maps of areas & things which had to be drawn & I was working pretty late.  This was a nuisance because we had an early start this morning.  Today has been a curious mixture of snow showers, & bright warm sunlight.  It is now freezing very hard & goodness only knows what will happen tomorrow.  All this cold & wet is playing horrible tricks with my feet.  Our chateau is proving very comfortable, & Viccars & I are in a little room leading into a dressing-sitting room.  Our dining-room is very spacious & fortunately the fire is good enough to keep it warm.  There is quite a good park, a gigantic orchard & some small woods – it is quite a pity that our stay cannot be for more than a day or two.