29 February 1916

We have moved & are here for one night, going on again in all probability tomorrow.  We are very closely packed, & there is scarcely any accommodation for officers though I myself have been lucky enough to secure a bed.  My room will hold either the bed, or me, but, except with great difficulty, not both of us at the same time.  This morning started very brightly, & we had a warm & sunny journey; arriving here just about midday.  I walked all the way & quite enjoyed it.  We had no mishaps, & managed all the hills without trouble.  We found everything ready when we got here, & had lunch in an Auberge – that is all of us except the General & Godsall who went into  ——– a town of some size about a couple of miles from here.  They say they had a wonderfully good lunch but we ourselves did none too badly.  After lunch the Major & I rode over to another young town there is in the neighbourhood, & met several old friends that we have not seen for some time.  On the way home it started to rain & this has kept on almost without cessation ever since.  We got back just in time for tea at our new H.Q. After tea I walked over to the other town where the General had lunch & paid a call on “Ours” who had just arrived. We shall probably join them there tomorrow & stay there for the night – not making any very long trek.  I ran into another of the Marseilles railway officers this afternoon, he is working at this station curiously enough.  It is rather a strange coincidence that two of those whom we knew down there should find their way into the same area as ourselves up here.

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