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26 February 1916

This afternoon I set out to walk to the 5th Btn. and quite failed to realize that they were five miles away.  Ten miles is not, on the whole, a very terrible walk but except on the main roads which were fairly free from snow, one had to plough through six inches or more of soft clinging stuff.  Occasionally where the sun had not had a chance things were even worse because the surface was still very slippery indeed.  Everybody of ours seemed in the best of health & spirits, & all appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  The lads of the village, aided by most of the local school children were carrying on a vigorous snow ball offensive against A Company, who were managing with equal vigour to “keep their end up”.  Most of the troops have had to knock off ordinary training & set to work at clearing, scraping, cleaning & otherwise rendering passable the various main roads of supply.  I have just received a Christmas Card from Pte R Cattley of the S.B. Section Winnipeg Rifles.  It has taken rather a long time to get here, but better late than never.  I am ashamed to say that it is ages since I wrote to him: I must certainly do so now.  Our former interpreter has returned to us – Bonnassieux by name.  In former times he used to run the mess but whether or no he will continue to do so I cannot say; very probably I shall carry on with it, now that I have got everything under my thumb.   At present there is no sign of any leave being granted, but we are all hoping for the best.  I do not mind there being no leave provided the reason for the stopping is the coming at last of the “Great Push”, but for any smaller reason I object very strongly.  The old Sergt Major is due back in England very shortly with an operation pending on his leg, in which he has managed to break a blood-vessel.  I should think that his fighting days are almost over, in any case he has earned a long rest now.