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25 February 1916

Today is the Anniversary of the beginning or our real active service – the day on which we left Sawbridgeworth.  It seems more like twelve years than twelve months, so much has happened in between.  However they have been a jolly good twelve months, & I for one have nothing to grouse about.  Yesterday, as I told you, we were to move, & for once in our lives we did as we expected.  Viccars came over here early to look for billets, & we followed very soon after him.  It was freezing hard, & there was snow at intervals, so that you can imagine the state of the roads.  So bad were they that it was impossible for us to use our waggons, & for heavy transport we had to rely entirely on our motor lorries which were far from numerous.  Personally I am very comfortably housed here, but on the whole the arrangements here are not so satisfactory as in the last place.  We are not compact, & there is a long walk between the mess & the office.  I am in the Railway Station, & have quite a good bedroom there.  The only objection is of course the noise made by the constant steam trains.  Today it was snowing when we got up & has kept at it hard & steadily ever since.  The R.A. Band, some forty instruments, who are touring France, played here during the morning.  They were jolly good & their selections included the ever popular Bric a Brac.  This last almost induced Viccars & myself to make a disgraceful exhibition of ourselves & dance down the road.  All day troops have been going through.  Out of the village is a long steep hill up, & this soon became slippery.  By midday there was a jam in the transport & ever since then we have been keeping some six hundred men & every available horse at work pulling them up.  There must be five hundred vehicles of one sort & another, & what they would do if there were no troops in the village I cannot imagine.