21 February 1916

I heard a gun go off!  It was probably one of ours, but think what excitement, how we all quiver, how some turn pale – ah! It is a grim war: we must be within twenty miles of the line almost.  Yesterday was spent in a move – fortunately we had a fine day for it & everything went smoothly in consequence.  I went over early in the morning in a motor lorry, a very nice ride but exceedingly cold in the feet – result a good crop of chilblains.  We are now in a Chateau unoccupied, & almost unfurnished.  There are a few chairs, mostly broken, a dining room table & several bedsteads.  I have a room to myself, & one of the better beds, but for it with a missing pane of glass in the window.  We are gradually decorating our mess room with Bairnsfather Sketches from the Bystander, & some of Kircheners horrible things from the Sketch.  The cyclist fellows are in the same village as ourselves, & I paid a call on Pullinger yesterday.  He seems to be very flourishing but is rather bored at still being a junior Subaltern.  He has discovered one of his IVth form “kids” has got his Commission in this Division, & shudders to think that the latter may get promoted first.  Today has also been fine but very cold, & now late in the evening it has started to snow, quietly & steadily.  If we have as much snow as we have had rain lately, we shall very soon be unable to get out of our front door.  This afternoon I walked over to the 5th who are only a couple of miles or so away.  Headquarters gave me tea & both the C.O. & Toller seemed very fit, & full of life.  After tea I paid a visit to Farmer & the others of his Company, a good many just at present as they have got a superfluity of officers.  There are very few left now of those who originally came out from England in my platoon, a year ago; not more than half a dozen at the most.


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