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19 February 1916


Yesterday I wrote no letter – there was nothing very much to say, & I had been using a pencil all day & by evening my fingers needed a little rest.  It rained of course, & rained hard & steadily all day without stopping.  There was no wind & it was not cold it was just wet.  Except to walk once or twice from billet to office, & office to mess & back again, I never went out at all & spent my time at map work.  We used to have a really first rate map maker in the office but he has now left us, & we have got no one.  Viccars wanted some maps doing of our new area & so I by way of practice did them for him.  They took rather a long time to do, &, as I had none of the proper weapons, were a bit of a job lot as you might imagine.

The “new area” reminds me that we are moving tomorrow some distance nearer, & may, if the wind is in the right direction, hear one of our own big guns go off, if it is only far enough behind the line.  What excitement!  I am beginning to wonder whether my nerves will stand the strain.

They have just thrust a new job on to me in addition to my other duties – I have become a sort of Brigade Anarchist.  I am now the mastermind who plots the assassinations & keeps the individual assassins supplied with the necessary weapons.  Personally I shall not have to do any bombing, I do not care for the amusement as much as some people seem to.

Today another trip to town to buy a few more things for the mess.  As it did not start raining until tea time I had quite a pleasant ride.  The wind was very invigorating, so was the horse, especially on the approach to any mechanically driven vehicle.