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17 February 1916


At last a really good day, both as regards weather & other events.  In place of the latter it would perhaps be more correct to say war, or tactical operations or manoeuvres, but I prefer my word & it will do.  I rose at the early time of 6. & breakfasted half an hour later, starting with Godsall at 7.on a motor lorry.  I was on the box, inside there was too much of a crush, as there were many officers of the ——s on board.  We went gaily on for about 30 miles mostly in the direction of the “Line” & finally fetched up at our destination, a small village.  On the road we passed Toller, wearing his W.S.O. Hatband – it is quite a long time since I have seen any of the 5th.  Having arrived we started on our job.  What it was is of no importance, the main point is that we had a six mile walk straight across country & good country it was too, with some first rate views.  There was a strong fairly cold wind blowing, but it was a dry wind & coupled with a bright sun made the whole thing a really good show.  I felt that I personally could have walked for miles.  We returned to our car & after a picnic lunch, sandwiches, cake, cheese & Perrier – we started home.  The homeward journey was a trifle cold & one or two spots of rain fell, but nothing to talk about.

On getting in I found a letter waiting from B.B. Davies in which he tells me that all the time I was in Alexandria, the Sergt Major was there in Hosp. – & I never knew it – that  is what I call real bad luck.  He also told me one other thing which is about the best “bit” that I have heard for a long time.  I cannot tell it you in a letter – but will save it up for when my leave does come off – sometime next month I hope.

Tonight we are having a bit of a bust – two guests to dinner – & are therefore trying to turn out a good meal for them, I only hope the Cook will succeed.  I must go & dress for it now, so will envelope this.