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14 February 1916


Neither today nor yesterday any letters, & only one the day before.  Last night we had rather a trying time with the lord of the manor.  The old fellow tried to make out that the night before our guard who sleep in one of his stables nearly set fire to the show, & that he was “absolument asphixie” by the smoke which came in through his bedroom window, thereby causing him to pass an exceedingly bad night, of course the whole thing was absolute twaddle from start to finish, but one has to humour these funny old things, & they can make an appalling nuisances of themselves if they choose to set about it.  We managed to calm him down all right, but only by moving the guard elsewhere.

Today has been spent in marketing.  The Mess was getting very low in some things & so I rode on to town & bought large quantities of stuff which I consigned to an attendant limber.  I find that in some respects my education has been sadly neglected: I have not the remotest idea what is the correct sort of price to pay for a cauliflower, or bloaters, or macaroni or anything of that sort. I managed to get most of that I wanted fairly cheaply, though in some cases I had to go in for extensive bargaining, which is not very easy in a foreign language.  The town is about 71/2 miles away & it rained almost all day, so you can imagine what it was like riding there & back.  In addition to the discomforts of the weather, there was also the delight of having a horse that flatly refused to meet any kind of mechanically driven vehicle.  He reared & kicked & galloped & did all sorts of curious things.  However this time there were fortunately no accidents.  The “town” has rather a fine Church, particularly fine from outside.  Inside of course it is very gaudy, but at the same time there are one or two things that are rather attractive. The decoration of the roof is quite different to anything I have ever seen elsewhere.