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13 February 1916


Many thanks for another letter which arrived this morning it was dated the 10th so we are getting more or less up to date at last.  There was also one from Andrew ——-By the way next time you write will you explain to me what exactly is the system of studies at Shrewsbury: I picked up a gaudy coloured tapestry at Alexandria, & think it might look well on a study wall, being as it is, absolutely hideous.   There is every chance of us getting leave again soon, so you may expect to see me presently, I don’t know how soon the General will let me go but leave is starting again & it is my turn.  If I can possibly get the chance I will warn you beforehand of my coming, but as often as not these things are decided at the eleventh hour & there is no time for a letter to reach you before I turn up myself.

Yesterday’s little dinner went off very well, the phizz proving very good, & the plum pudding – one kept one over from Xmas, being absolutely excellent.  I am now feeling terribly old & even found a grey hair this morning when I was completing my toilet before the mirror.  I shall soon have to take to rouge & hair dyes & all other such rejuvenating appliances.   Today started like yesterday with plenty of rain but has improved this afternoon.  Unfortunately everyone else has gone out so I have perforce to stay behind & give an occasional eye to the office.  We are gradually getting the Mess into a state of good order & ought I think to be able to run it fairly economically during the summer.  Eggs are still very expensive but ought soon to get cheaper, at least I hope so.  Will you send me one of the monthly C.S.S.A. Catalogues – I want to see how the prices are at home for groceries etc.  We are having to pay most exhorbitantly here for things like coffee & butter.

There is nothing more to tell you just now.