23 December 1915


The time has now come for a move, for myself at any rate a move of some importance & mileage.  Tomorrow morning before day break I set forth in a car for Divisional Hq. then to a neighbouring railway station & from there the somewhat tedious journey to the Riviera.  Billeting is the reason for this sudden departure, & with me will be Ward-Jackson who is coming as a detraining officer or something of that sort.  We shall probably travel by Paris.  The usual military service, very slow & very uncomfortable will take us as far as the Gay City.  There if we can manage it we want to get on board the P.L.M. express & do the rest of the journey in comfort.  All this being the case it is extremely probable that some days will elapse before you get another letter.  I will write as soon as I can but it is quite conceivable that there will be difficulties about the censoring & postal arrangements.  When the regiment is coming on I don’t know but there seems a chance of our being left for a week or two in a Riviera Hotel, living on the fat of the land.  One blessing is that one is able to draw extra pay when detached from one’s regiment.  Today has been a busy one.  This morning the General wanted me to go with him to watch an out post scheme that was being carried out by the 4th Lincolns.  We splashed about all over the place & rode across country at the General’s usual fierce speed.  I was riding the new draft-horse that I spoke of in a previous epistle & though some of it’s antics were a trifle strange it was quite a comfortable ride on the whole.


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