12 December 1915

Le Sart

Very many thanks for a splendid cake which arrived today.  The cake itself stood the journey splendidly, unfortunately the icing had crumbled rather, which is what one would expect.  This last is by no means a defect, because it entitles me to take considerably more sugar than would really have covered my piece of cake, without having actually to scrape it off the General’s helping as I would otherwise have had to do, if he happened to get a nice pink bit that I particularly wanted.   (Breathe please: if the next sentence turns out as long as the last I should recommend consigning the letter to the flames.)  There is nothing new to urge us to any great excitement.  Beyond the fact that we have been posted to a newly-raised corps & that the Commander of it is  ——–   ——–   we know nothing.  Our destination is popularly supposed to be somewhat hot but I believe that is mere surmise than anything else, & not even the G.O.C. knows where we are going.  Personally I think it is some new scheme of the great K. of K. & doubtless we shall know all about it when he sees fit to tell us.  No dates are certain but we expect to spend the 25th either on a smelly French train, or being violently sea sick.  The latter is the more probable & I am thinking quite seriously of starting a special diet at once.  Today started off by being fairly fine, but by two o’clock it was raining again & it has continued to do so at intervals ever since.  We had the band out this afternoon to play selections to us, but the weather made it undesirable, not to say impossible, to stroll up & down & listen to them.  It’s ages since I saw any of my old friends in the 5th, Knighton has got his Captaincy as you may have seen in the Gazette & Moore has come back to us.  The Colonel is still away on leave but will return one day very soon, before we move at any rate.


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