5 December 1915

To H.G.H.  

Le Sart

Yesterday depression hung heavily on me: I had sunk to the lowest depths of misery possible – possible for me that is – I had to refuse my third helping of pudding, & was totally unable to consume more than one pheasant at dinner.  The reason for this I believe I told you in my yesterday’s epistle  – it was the thought, the awful & awe inspiring thought that we might have to revisit those wet, muddy, odious, odiferous & altogether most sanguinary trenches.  Today, all is different – the cloud of depression is lifted, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, & there is good news in the air.  We shall go alright only there will be delay; we cannot go for a week or two, & in all probability will hang about this neighbourhood for that time.  This will be by no means bad as we are very comfortable & right out of the shell area.  No one seems to have the slightest idea where we are going & the various rumours are really most amusing to listen to.  The Divisional General is willing to bet 2 to 1 against any country anyone likes to suggest.  This seems to be rather a sound scheme, as he is likely to win quite a large amount in that way.  Even he doesn’t know the slightest where we are going – he thinks it is some new scheme as the outcome of K’s little tour.  Personally I don’t care, it will be very exciting wherever we are, & I dearly love a change of scenery.   The General got back today & the Colonel has dashed home on short leave – he will I expect go straight to Uppingham – he wants to meet his new Head & see what sort of fellow he is – Petch’s brother who is in a hospital near here came over today to see me – he is getting a Commission in the R.G.A. & looks very fit & well, he had his leave a short time ago.  After seeing him I rode into    ——- where the band was playing, & ran into a shoal of Officers with whom I had tea in the Hotel De Ville, quite a merry little gathering on the whole.


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