3 November 1915


Rain, rain, & nothing but rain, wet horses, & wet clothes.  However a good batch of letters greatly cheered me.  Allen has come back & am now commanding A Coy.    As a matter of fact my efforts were not in vain, the King’s accident occurred about a quarter of an hour after he had seen us.  He behaved very well indeed, for though badly shaken & far from well he drove by in his car smiling just as if nothing had happened.  We have had a lot more officers out, & I am still applying for leave which I may or may not be able to get.  I think there is just a chance of it’s coming in a week or two with luck.  We are leaving this place & going for the winter to somewhat quieter spheres we hope.

J.D.H. got leave from Nov 7 to 15th

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