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27 October 1915

Vaudricourt Drouvin

Not content with giving me one Adjutant’s job they have given me two.  Tomorrow we are going to be inspected by the King.  Each Brigade is providing a battalion composed of one large company from each regiment.  I have been chosen as Adjutant of our Brigade Battalion, & consequently have been very nearly worked to death.  So far everything has gone swimmingly & I don’t anticipate anything going wrong tomorrow, except possibly my mare.  She does not love the cheering very much & I am quite prepared to have to give the King a display of horsemanship particulars of which will not be on the programme.  Talking of horses – with the exception of one hour for lunch I was in the saddle the whole of today from 9.30 a.m. – to 5.30 p.m.  a very tiring business on the whole.  Dad asked me in his letter if I could explain the meaning of my account of my own doings in the recent battle.  Really I did nothing at all, spending most of my time at Brigade Hqrs.  My other effort was a thing of a few minutes – there were no Germans anywhere – it was merely a question of leading a few stragglers back into a bit of line that we had captured, but which they were leaving for some reason best known to themselves.