23 October 1915


I have been working very hard at my job as Adjutant & enjoying myself at it very much indeed; so much so that I shall now be quite sorry to have to give it up when Allen comes back.  It is just the job for me & suits me down to the ground.  Plenty of opportunity for organization which I love, & still more for swank which I never could do without.  I now appear on a horse always, spurs & a switch complete.  I have to keep a groom & fairly do things in style.  I am afraid there is no chance of leave for three weeks or so at least.  We shall have to go to the trenches again soon, & simply cannot spare the officers to go running away on leave.  Beasley, wounded at Ypres, has come back to us & brought with him another new Subaltern.  We hear Knighton is coming out again, & with him Barrowcliff who left us right back at Sawbridgeworth.  Also three new Subalterns of quality unknown.  With regard to Pringle I am afraid the Corporal was killed – a very great pity, he was a good fellow.  A. Company suffered pretty heavily, & curiously enough the only surviving officer is Thomson, 6ft 5 high & a man who would never trouble to try & take cover or make any elaborate arrangements for his own protection; if there was anything to be done anywhere.  Lawton has died of wounds & the other two were killed outright.

1 thought on “23 October 1915

  1. I really enjoy reading these instalments of Hills’ personal diary.

    The ‘only surviving officer… Thomson’ (sic) in fact refers to 2.Lieut James Wyndham Tomson, Sadly Tomson was never officially recognised for his bravery on 13th October 1915 at Hohenzollern Redoubt, when ‘he stood for hours at one of the bombing blocks, smoking cigarettes and throwing bombs’ [see The Fifth Leicestershires’ by J.D.Hills pages 79-89].

    Later promoted to Captain, Tomson almost survived the war but was killed in action on 24th September 1918 at Pontreut, in the same action that Lieut J.C.Barrett won the VC [see The Fifth Leicestershires’, pages 284-291].

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