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23 October 1915


I have been working very hard at my job as Adjutant & enjoying myself at it very much indeed; so much so that I shall now be quite sorry to have to give it up when Allen comes back.  It is just the job for me & suits me down to the ground.  Plenty of opportunity for organization which I love, & still more for swank which I never could do without.  I now appear on a horse always, spurs & a switch complete.  I have to keep a groom & fairly do things in style.  I am afraid there is no chance of leave for three weeks or so at least.  We shall have to go to the trenches again soon, & simply cannot spare the officers to go running away on leave.  Beasley, wounded at Ypres, has come back to us & brought with him another new Subaltern.  We hear Knighton is coming out again, & with him Barrowcliff who left us right back at Sawbridgeworth.  Also three new Subalterns of quality unknown.  With regard to Pringle I am afraid the Corporal was killed – a very great pity, he was a good fellow.  A. Company suffered pretty heavily, & curiously enough the only surviving officer is Thomson, 6ft 5 high & a man who would never trouble to try & take cover or make any elaborate arrangements for his own protection; if there was anything to be done anywhere.  Lawton has died of wounds & the other two were killed outright.