12 October 1915


Just a very hurried scribble before going up once more to the trenches.  We have been expecting to go up for the last few days but it is only this evening that we have got our orders.  I have twice been up to visit our new line & learn the way about, & for the next few days will be engaged on my intelligence job.  We shall probably be there for four days, or so, & I think it quite probable that letter writing will be impossible so don’t expect anything for the next few days.  Poor old Allen had had to go sick; he has only just been made Adjutant so is naturally very upset at having to miss his first visit to the trenches in his new capacity.  After the tour I expect I shall return definitely to the battalion & in that case ought to get “D” Coy for my own.  But everything is at present in a state of uncertainly & they may send us back one or two wounded Captains which I sincerely hope they will.


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