25 September 1915

(To H.G.H.) Ypres

Many thanks for your letter & its enclosure from Talbot, he has a very happy knack of saying things in a nice way.  Well so far I have survived.  The noise all day has been continuous & I hear there is real good news at last.  What that news is I cannot say, but doubtfully long before you get this you will have read all about it in the Daily Mail.  I am simply up to my eyes in work & tired out, but having a very good time in spite of the most appalling weather conditions possible.  So far my new dug-out is standing the weather very well, there is only a slight leak in one corner & that does not matter very much.  Colonel Martin’s mess has caved in.  In an effort to make it bullet-proof they put so much weight on the roof that the sides bulged & gave way – leaving a horrid gape & a very wet night to mend it too.  I am feeling very much fitter now that my teeth have gone & can honestly say that I never have felt better in my life.  This existence suits me & when I can get enough sleep I am “full of buck” as the Colonel would say.


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