3 September 1915


Good news will I hope make up for the lateness of this letter.  I have got the job from the Brigade that I spoke of in my last letter, & am arranging to live in the trenches with whatever battalion is up there at the time.  It is quite a good job, very interesting, I have already seen quite a lot of Huns playing about in their trenches & working in various ways.  I sent my first report in to the general today, & he was most complimentary, so much so that he really quite compensated for the most appalling weather with which we have had to put up for the last day or two.  It has simply deluged & I have been wet through hour after hour, & look like getting wet through for the next several hours unless things improve.  This afternoon while riding on a pony through terrible showers & over terrible ground, I very nearly got drowned.  My pony stumbled & ducked his head into several feet of water.  I shot forward & only just managed to recover my saddle: it was a very near squeak & I was lucky to escape a complete & total immersion.  At present as a matter of fact I am not in the trenches.  My job cannot be carried on in the wet weather, & so I am spending tonight back with my own battalion.  Tomorrow I shall go up & carry on work.  So long as I can survive these innumerable wettings all will be well, but sitting in wet clothes is not very pleasant & the dangers of catching a chill are always rather imminent.  The post is going very soon so I must stop.  When I get really settled down I hope to be able to write more often.


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