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31 August 1915

50 Ypres

Once more I must make heaps of work & a shortage of officers my excuse for not writing before.  Jeffries has been away ill until last night & Williams is occupying an outlying post by himself, & is unable to help.  Knighton is still away with water on the knee, & so the company was left to the tender mercies of Mould & myself.  Mould then proceeded to get a kind of “flue” – neuralgia & all sorts of silly things & though he managed to stay in the trench, the greater part of the work has descended on my shoulders.  I, of course, the more work I get, am all the more healthy & am consequently thriving at present.  At present we are occupying the trench immediately on the left of the one we were in last week, & so much the same conditions prevail.  Occasional whizz-bangs that manage to do very little damage, & at very very long intervals a trench mortar or two. On the whole they give us a comparatively peaceful time for which I am not sorry as it makes life very much more enjoyable.  Curiously enough I have got a new job, & still more curious it is a job outside the battalion.  They have made me Brigade Intelligence Officer, though what that means I do not know. At all events it is something to get the Brigade to take notice of one, as a rule one feels one is known to no one outside the Battalion.  At present I stick to my ordinary work, & in fact will probably continue to do so with special little bits of work to do at odd times.  If I can only manage to do these jobs well there is always hope that I may get something better.  At all events it is a chance & I am going to do my best with it.  Other than this there is no news except that the Dentist may have to be postponed for a week on account of the new job.  I am just going to have lunch with A Coy. & the Hon Rawdon Hastings.  I expect we shall have a theological argument on some subject or other – probably the Pope.