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24 August 1915


This morning has been spent in orderly rooms & courts of enquiry.  I had the misfortune the other day to find two men sleeping at their posts & of course they will have to be court-martialed.  It is a horrid business, more especially as they are almost certain to receive the maximum penalty.  They are bound to be found guilty, & the only possible punishment that a court is allowed to give is that of death; I am not looking forward to the trail by any means.  Today we are engaged on internal economy finding out the various platoon deficiencies, & getting the men bathed seriatum & privatum.  For the latter they are marched off by fifties to a fairly large town about five miles away & quite a good spot if the Huns don’t happen to be shelling at the moment.  They have a funny habit of dropping great big things in there at unexpected moments usually managing to do little damage to anybody, though they sometimes make hay of a few horses, town Halls, Churches etc. they sometimes even shell our billets here but that is so very rare that no one takes such an event into consideration.  The news about the Baltic business has cheered everyone up immensely, so much so that we spent a most riotous evening yesterday, & sang & ragged until the early hours of this morning.  There is also other good news that leave has started again, & by & by with any reasonable luck you may see me at home again.  It is quite possible that my turn will come sometime before the end of November.  One other piece of cheering news, that at last my name is going in for promotion & that in two months time – that is about the usual War Office period – I may with great good luck get my second star.  Frankly I think I almost deserve it – most of the other people who joined on mobilization in other regiments got theirs some time ago.

The 10th Hants are in the Dardanelles- hope Laury is alright