5 August 1915

It seems many days since I last wrote; my usual excuse must hold good, namely the unsettled state of affairs & the weather.  The latter all yesterday was shocking, the former are still as they were, with the Germans in about 400 yds of our lines.  Doubtless someone will re-capture this soon, though I doubt if the Kitchener Division who lost it, will be strong enough.  Here things are fairly quiet, just a few whizz-bangs now & then make us duck, & that is the full extent of our damage.  On the left almost continuous gun-fire which is just a little trying to ones nerves – the second in command of this Coy – Vincent has gone for a rest. –  On the right the enemy are in the habit of sending at us 150lb bombs shaped like a rum-far-aerial torpedoes fired from one of their minnenwerfer – diabolical things, their explosion looks like a young mine every time.  Fortunately they only drop them on a trench which we purposely keep cleared for them.  Did I tell you that we found a ton of German explosive under our trench, ready to go off with fuses & everything complete, at the end of a long Hun mine gallery.  We cut the fuses, abstracted the charge, took away their tamping, put in our own charge, tamped it down & blew in the whole above-mentioned gallery.  When I say “We” it was of course the R.E. Miners who did it.  Probably it’s in revenge for this, & for blowing them up twice, that they are now so persistent with their beastly minnenwerfer.

2 thoughts on “5 August 1915

  1. Really enjoying reading the letters and seeing how the tone changes as time goes on. It’s a great teaching tool for my children who check every day to see whether he has written that day.


  2. Hello Karen, thank you very much for commenting and letting us know that you are using the blog as a teaching tool. We’re happy that these fantastic letters are able to be shared with the public in this way. Please recommend the blog to any colleagues or friends and help us to spread the word! Thanks again


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