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5 August 1915

It seems many days since I last wrote; my usual excuse must hold good, namely the unsettled state of affairs & the weather.  The latter all yesterday was shocking, the former are still as they were, with the Germans in about 400 yds of our lines.  Doubtless someone will re-capture this soon, though I doubt if the Kitchener Division who lost it, will be strong enough.  Here things are fairly quiet, just a few whizz-bangs now & then make us duck, & that is the full extent of our damage.  On the left almost continuous gun-fire which is just a little trying to ones nerves – the second in command of this Coy – Vincent has gone for a rest. –  On the right the enemy are in the habit of sending at us 150lb bombs shaped like a rum-far-aerial torpedoes fired from one of their minnenwerfer – diabolical things, their explosion looks like a young mine every time.  Fortunately they only drop them on a trench which we purposely keep cleared for them.  Did I tell you that we found a ton of German explosive under our trench, ready to go off with fuses & everything complete, at the end of a long Hun mine gallery.  We cut the fuses, abstracted the charge, took away their tamping, put in our own charge, tamped it down & blew in the whole above-mentioned gallery.  When I say “We” it was of course the R.E. Miners who did it.  Probably it’s in revenge for this, & for blowing them up twice, that they are now so persistent with their beastly minnenwerfer.