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14 July 1915


Our journey is at an end – we have arrived.  On reaching Victoria I first ran into Hastings’ Mother, then got seats, then a salmon & then found Hastings himself, complete also with seats & salmon.  Burnett & Jackson turned up soon afterwards.  The former had first met Tomson, home on leave, who informed him that we should find the battalion in the trenches.  This has proved to be true & instead of a populous camp with four days rest ahead of us we find merely empty huts, & go straight into the line tonight.  How long we shall be there I do not know but I believe it will be for a considerable time, so do not send any eatables until you hear from me that we have come out again.  They are a new lot of trenches & I believe they are pretty good ones from all accounts.  Our crossing consequently very cramped.  We went straight on to the train at Boulogne & thence fairly speedily to Hazebronck which we reached at about 6.30 a.m.  Here we stopped for three hours & had breakfast, a meal which we heartily appreciated.  We reached our railway destination at about 11.45 & then walked slowly here.  Everything has now arrived including the two salmon who seem to be in quite good condition.