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6 July 1915


Here we are once more in billets having survived six days in trenches almost at the extreme point of the dreaded Ypres Salient. Until yesterday all went well then the Germans who had hitherto very kindly consented to shell our 4th Battalion & leave us severely alone for some reason or another took it into their heads to turn their attention to us.  Crump after crump descended upon us doing fortunately no damage either to life or limb.  One landed just near our support trench, quickly followed by two more, so I took my platoon up into the fire trench as being safer.  No sooner had I got them there than one dropped almost in that, & fairly smothered us with muck.  Three seconds later I was lying gasping at the bottom of the trench half covered with muck & earth.  However no damage done & presumably bombardment ceased.  On the whole it was really rather amusing & part of the time I sat down & almost shrieked with laughter to see Vincent, our second in Command, hearing another shell coming standing there blinking, expecting it to fall on his back.  A crump in this case was I think a six or eight inch high explosive shell, not a very nice customer in the open but a thing to laugh at when comfortably situated in a nice deep trench.  I managed to collect one or two small pieces of one of them & will do my best if the artillery will let me, to let you have them.  They are ugly looking pieces & coming with some force as they do would make quite a large hole in you if they got you, fortunately it is at least 100-1 against being hit.  I had two casualties in my platoon this time, both very slight.  One got a few bits of shell in his head which first cut the skin & gave him slight concussion, he is already back again with us.  The other had a bullet through the skin of his temple, never touched bones or anything else; he is our platoon wag & I am jolly glad he is not bad.  Must go on parade.