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4 July 1915


We are still “in” – the same line & the same dug-out.  The weather is glorious, bright & hot, & at the present minute there is not a sound to be heard except the buzz of about two million flies.  This, however, has not been the case for long as less than half an hour ago the Germans were putting “whiz-bangs” into the next trench & there were bits all over the place.  However no damage was done & we are now at peace again for a time at any rate.  Presently there will be a noise high up like a young railway train & one of those great heavy high explosives goes rolling over miles & miles away.  They don’t try & drop them on us for fear of hitting their own lines, so we know that from them at least we have nothing to fear.  Your last letter has just come for which many thanks. By the way I know I am a fool but who is Mrs Sommerville – she appeared in your letters about a fortnight ago & crops up almost every time – but I cannot for the life of me remember who she is.  Also she seems to have a large say in matters concerning holidays etc.  Is there a Mr Sommerville or is she some gay young widow who is making plans to carry Dad off; I don’t like it at all, shall have to come home in fact to look after the Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bromley Common Kent.

I hear the Colonel has been up before a board, & that they won’t let him come back for at least six weeks, he is furious in consequence.  My man who got shot the other night is at Boulogne & is I hear doing very well.  The bullet has been taken out & they do not think there is any danger of further trouble.