Daily Archives: May 30, 2015

30 May 1915

Don’t get worried over 5th Leicestershire Casualties appearing in the paper, we are not having any serious fighting & those men who are hit as often as not have themselves to blame.  Personally I am possessed of much too high opinion of my own importance to go sticking my head over the parapet to see whether some German had a cast in his left eye.  There is great news !  That one thing for which we have all longed – all hoped but never really expected – has at last come to pass.  Kitchener’s have arrived – that is nothing – the real point is that they are coming to us – us the poor old Territorials — for instruction, & what is more we have got a battalion of the Great King’s Royal Rifle Corps.  They have been heard to remark that it is pretty rotten being attached to this lot for instruction.

There is absolutely nothing doing – we are at rest & I spend a good deal of my time riding up glorious country lanes, through woods & leafy dells etc.  The new army –they dislike being called K’s have just gone by – to the tune of – “Are we Downhearted? – No”  “but you will soon be” was our answer from a B Company Chorus.  By the way now that I am back with my company & not with H.Q.  food is not such an easy matter.  Bread we can get & eggs in addition of course to the ordinary ration of meat, jam, & biscuits – but vegetables & little things like potted meat would be a great blessing, if you could send them out occasionally.