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23 May 1915 (2)

(To Mary)

Thank you very much indeed for your lovely letter, it came to me while I was in the trenches & I was very pleased indeed to get it.  The country round here is very pretty now, lovely woods & trees & heaps & heaps of flowers of every kind.  There are lots of bluebells & in some places the fields look quite blue with them.  So far I have not seen any foxgloves.  I don’t think there are any, so you must come out & pay me a visit one day & we will have tea in the woods.  You must bring your own mug, I’ve only got one for myself, & that’s made of tin with most of the enamel knocked off it.


23 May 1915 (1)


Very many thanks indeed for you exceedingly numerous letters, two of which found me in the Trenches, & gave me a new lease of life.  I am afraid the last jaunt up there was rather spoilt for me by two things.  First the weather was simply vile: secondly I was not at all well.  I shivered all over & my head burned like a fire-engine in three fits.  Quinine put me right in the end but left me with a somewhat painful head, which has but lately left me.  Today I am quite fit again & have been for a very long ride in all pomp & ceremony with the C.O. There have been changes here which grieve me very much. Major Martin has got Command of the 4th Batt. – he was a real friend.  A sort of school master, guardian, father–confessor, all round into one for me, & I like him very much.  He thoroughly deserves the job & the 4th are jolly lucky to get such a good man – much better than they deserve.  He himself is a bit sad to go – the last thing he said to me, before he went off today, was that I was to make a point of seeing him when the war was over & guide him on a “walk” in Wales or some other jaunt of that sort.  By the way, a wounded man from my platoon by name S. Smith is in the V.A.D. Hosp. at Charing, Kent.  If it is within reach I should be rather glad if Dad could get over & see him, perhaps he would borrow a car from some kind friend.  The fellow was hit in the arm while shooting over the parapet rather a nasty wound but I expect it will heal up all round in the end.

I often wonder whether the spelling of my letters is excessively painful – they are often written at great speed & it is consequently quite possible.  Mould, a Subaltern, sent in an official report yesterday which contained the word parapet three times, spelt as follows – (1) parrapit, (2) paraappet. (3) parapett –in that order.