21 May 1915


We had a new bit of line just on the left of the 5th Lincs. instead of on the right as before.  We were only about 25 yds from the Germans at one corner & got fired at from almost every possible point all round.  Our 2nd in Command of D Coy. got shot through the brain but is still alive & doing well. I only lost one man & he was only shot through the finger, so nothing very bad.  I had struck up a friendship with an R.E. Officer out here by name Gosling – he & I had been in a tight corner together, but yesterday the poor fellow got killed.  It was in this wise. The Germans managed to blow up a section of Trench on our left – mined it – a total wreck & several men buried.  An infantry Subaltern was collecting a rescue party when Gosling appeared with a few R.E. men.  With a casual laugh he told the “Sub” it was much too dangerous for infantry so went himself with an R.E. rescue party.  Five minutes later he was shot pulling a wounded man from under some sandbags – in full view of the German lines.  His men are absolutely dazed – they worshipped him.

3 thoughts on “21 May 1915

  1. I’ve been fascinated with these letters. I’m amazed at the ‘tone’ of how they were written, even if they were possible encouraged to write in an upbeat manner. Today’s is the first though that seems to have conveyed how terrible war is.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. They are an amazing resource and it’s a privilege to be able to present them to the public in this manner. We hope you stay with Capitan Hills through the next few years.


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