16 May 1915


Just a very hurried scrawl before once more going into the trenches which we do tonight.  In all probability we shall stay in for six nights now as the weather is so much better.  Our rest has been very much broken up this time & included a somewhat rough night.  We left here just after tea in motor buses & went to Ypres —there marched for about three hours all over the place.  We were supposed to be going to dig but took so long getting there that we only had about ½ hour when it became so light that we had to make off.  It was, for Ypres, a quiet night but I cannot say I want any more like it just at present.  There were quite a large number of bullets all over the place & one or two came very close.  I stepped back a pace to look at something, & a bullet came slick where I had been standing & went into the man next to me, only his arm fortunately & not very bad at that.  Fairly large Church parade this morning with a rather violent sermon by the Bp of Pretoria.  Al least he began by being fairly violent – on the whole jolly good.

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