5 May 1915


I am still very fit though my face has again been knocked about.  This time it was a periscope rifle.  You fire it down below & its absolutely “safe”.  The German shattered the top glass first as I fired my first shot, & filled us all with glass, three quite large pieces going into Major Martin who is now in hospital.  My own injuries were only a scratch here & there.  Yesterday I improved matters by slipping on a wooden plank & pushing my cheek on to the corner of a corrugated iron roof — so you can imagine that I am becoming a regular pin cushion.

The Huns opposite us are very quiet, they daren’t try any tricks because they always get just double that they fire.  If they fire a rifle grenade we fire two back, & whereas they generally miss we get in a good shot or two.  In between our trenches & the Germans there are several old & disused French trenches & ditches.  Into there the Germans at night send their patrols & so we have started to do the same thing.  It’s the finest fun of all & I have twice led out a “crawl” — the grass is long & one can’t be seen.  Last time we only missed the German “crawl” by twenty minutes which was a great shame because I have not yet seen a Hun & we should have managed to “bag” one or two I feel sure.  Next time I shall not be able to indulge in the excitement  I fear because we shall be in another part of the trenches where such things cannot be.

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