30 April 1915

Your letters generally arrive two days after they are written, a letter dated 24th gets here on the afternoon of the 26th.  I still ride occasionally & had an exceedingly good time yesterday afternoon when we got a gallop for about a mile across country, it was really great.  I was riding an old nag of the Adjutant’s which has since then being doing duty in the medical cart, & was jolly glad to get someone on its back again, instead of the shafts.  The result was we fairly flew.  The weather is glorious & getting very hot; the corrugated iron roof of the eligible mansion does it’s best to remind us of the fact.  Up in my dug-out I live in shirt sleeves & go about hatless, its much the best.  By the way should anybody be desirous of sending anything out here in the way of sweets, large peppermint bullseyes are very acceptable in large quantities, they take the place of “tabac”.  In fact armed with a bullseye one can pass the most offensive cow without turning a hair.


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