13 April 1915


Just a line or two before we go back to the land of stinks in other words the trenches.  We go in this evening, this time for four days, at least we sincerely hope that there will be no extra extension as there was last time.  Last night we were just getting into bed when a Zep. came over flying fairly high.  The brutes dropped several very large bombs on a neighbouring town (Bailieul) without seeming to do much damage & then sailed away again.  It was a curious experience altogether.  We could see & hear the beast but were absolutely powerless to do anything against it.  Our anti air craft guns opened fire on the way back, but it was very high & I don’t think they made much impression.  The four days rest seem to have gone very quickly though there has really been nothing much to do all the time.  I have been for one or two rides with the C.O. & am gradually getting fairly proficient in the gentle art.  I have bought through the Army a pair of what are officially known as Canadian boots — they are large & waterproof up to just below the knee & quite good things I think.


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