31 March 1915

I have been working quite hard for a change & have had no time except in the evenings after dinner, & then the composition of an epistle worthy of the ex Head Monitor of M.T.S. is a work far behind my Capabilities.  As a matter of fact I generally play picquet with Major Martin.  Last night at the hour of 3.16 a.m. I was awakened, the cause of the awakening being unknown to me.  For two minutes I remained in a semi somnolent condition & was then roused still further, but not completely, by a large crash.  This was followed by some footsteps, & female voices moving stealthily in the direction of the cellar. “Ah” thought I “Grandmother has come up and fired a shot, good” & promptly resumed my slumbers.  The truth was that a German Aeroplane had dropped a couple of bombs, one about a mile & the other 500 yards away, doing no damage.  The voices of course were the female civil population of the farm seeking safety in the seclusion of the cellar.  On the whole quite a lot of excitement – through the whole of which Major Martin slept peacefully & I only half woke.  A.F. London was preaching about 6 miles from her last night & if I had been less stiff I might have managed to get over to hear him. As it was I had his sermon second hand.  It was apparently a regular crusade – holy war etc.  His text was “go in & win” – up guards & at ‘em, you are all right – don’t worry, fight” sort of business.  I believe he was really very good.  Tell all my kind correspondents that I will wire presently when time permits, & that I am not like the gentleman in the Agony Column of the Times who as a lonely Officer “had underestimated the number of ladies who would write him chatty letters & regretted that writers cramp prevented him from answering any more”.

We are on active service – I have a hot bath every morning , porridge, toast, bacon, eggs for breakfast – hot luncheon & pudding – soup , roast, sweets, savoury, cheese, fruit for dinner, on the whole we do ourselves fairly well – n’est ce pas?


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