28 March 1915

(H.G.H.) Steent-je

Today is gorgeous, very cold but bright, & when in the sun & out of the wind quite fairly spring like.  Unfortunately I am so stiff that I can hardly move much less get about with vigour.  The Adjutant at lunch yesterday suddenly suggested that I should go for a little ride with him, to refuse is impossible, so off we went.  He was on his Charger “Berlin”, I on Major Martin’s   “Black Pig”.  We went eight miles – eight miles of unexpurgated agony.  However I improved gradually, & after a collision with a motor, a young gallop, sundry other things of mere minor importance we arrived home safely.  We went to look at a funny little village (News Eglises) which for some reason or another the Germans are in the habit of bombarding it is quite deserted & some of it absolutely smashed to atoms.  Fortunately while we were there things were quiet and we saw no adverse shells.  In spite of the fact that the wind is blowing a hurricane there are Aeroplanes up day after day, their flying is really wonderful & they are as cool & unostentatious about it as possible.  The Lincoln Chaplain failed to turn up today so we had no celebration, but hope for the best next Sunday.  If the worst comes to the worst several of us are going to Mass.  The Colonel has just suggested a ride with him, so I am going, that is if I can lift my leg over the creature’s back.  This will be considerably more gentle than the effort of yesterday with the Adjutant.


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