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27 March 1915

(To Mary) Steent-je

We are in a very funny farm here not a bit like Talsarn It is built in a square, with a large farm on two sides & the house on the other two.  The cows are all in stables, & there is one gigantic pig which is the most hideous object that I have ever set eyes on.  There are also about a dozen little pigs with most enormous ears, & very ugly noses, also most horrid creatures.  The churn is worked by a wheel with a dog inside it, so that the dog walking alone makes the wheel go round.  The whole place has a smell worse than Battersea PR. Road.  All over the country there are a large number of Wind-mills, in fact from our back window I can count eight, & from one farm we were at, we could see sixteen at once.  When I was telling you about the farm I forgot to mention the hens, they too are very dirty & ugly.  Our man who looks after our food put a box & some straw in our food cart so that the hens could come & lay in it.  One old hen came along but the farm people saw it all so we had to give up the egg.  The hens don’t cluck properly here, they make a noise just like the “buzzer” on my telephone, & sometimes I get up & rush to the telephone & then find that no one is calling me & it is some old hen.