24 March 1915

Just a line to show that I am still in existence, thought there is really no news.  The rest of our Brigade is to go up for its week’s instruction but we unfortunately cannot accompany it because the missing battalion whose place we took is now taking ours.  Yesterday was not a very strenuous day for anybody but today we waded into some very muddy practise trenches, & tried to pretend we were being shelled, & bombed & aeroplaned.  I ran out too many ‘phones, had many narrow escapes of being hung on the positive maze of wires which connected me with every portion of the trenches — The Patience Cards are a great boon & I play very vigorously in the evenings when it is too dark to do any more work.  Tomorrow I am not sure what will happen to us, but I am drawing out several new schemes for moving telephones hurridly in an attack I want all the practice I can get.9:00


2 thoughts on “24 March 1915

  1. Is it possible to list the weekly diary in date order, i.e. 26th March 1915 to 29th March 1915 rather than 29th march 1915 to 26th March 1915.


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