22 March 1915

(To H.G.H.)

Just a few lines to fill up a few spare minutes after dinner at the end of a rather long day.  We set forth early to practice an “attack on hostile Trenches”.  The Trenches had been dug, we formed up opposite them.  In the middle the G.O.C. Smith-Dorrien himself turned up, to view us; us the only battalion in the brigade which has yet been in the trenches.  Fortunately he was very pleased indeed & we were all complimented on the effort which really was not at all bad. Now that the weather is so much better it is quite a common sight to see as many as four or five aeroplanes up at once,  & quite frequently we see one being shelled – as a rule very wide of the mark.  With regard to papers we get the daily papers a day late, but are only having Punch & the Sketch of illustrated weeklies.  Any others such as the Illustrated, Graphic or Sphere would be most welcome.  Also any old 1d novels you can get hold of would greatly help to relieve the monotony of certain hours.  One is rather apt to get fidgety out here if not actually doing anything.


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