21 March 1915

Steent -je

Today the weather has again been really great, & since we are not at the present under orders to be ready to move at any minute we managed to have a Church Parade this morning.  The battalion fell in round a large field in hollow square; a glorious deep blue sky overhead with just an occasional cloud, & a sun whose warmth one could really feel.  The Colonel took the Service standing on an up turned farm tub, while the band, without its instruments forms the Choir for the hymns, all of which had to be sung unaccompanied. The effect was really very good & impressive.  The Colonel preached.

This afternoon I rode on my bike to a fairly large town (Bailleul) which is not very far from here. Made my way thence to a smaller spot where the H.A.C. are at present billeted.  There I ran into three O.M.Ts. They seem to have had rather a thin time of it but still manage to keep cheerful.  We have had no further news as to when we are likely to visit the trenches again; personally I am very happy where I am.  We are in an exceedingly comfortable billet & so long as the weather remains at its present state of efficiency there can be no cause to complain.  The Adjutant has just had a terrific parcel sent out from England containing all manner of good things, from chocolate biscuits to pate de foie gras, ham, tongue, cake and cigarettes.


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