17 March 1915

Ful de Sac Farm Doulieu, France

We have done another move and I can now tell you exactly where we are.  Our Headquarters is at the farm which the Crown Prince and his staff stayed during one portion of the German retirement from Paris.  The Colonel is occupying the Imperial bed and I have mine on 4 chaff sacks in the potato shed – somewhat odious unless the window is left open.  Unfortunately the latter opens inwards and it quite fills the room when open.  We have not had any more exciting work, no trenches, though for the last week we have always been within sound of the guns.  It looks as if the Germans were going to fight every inch of ground and city, until they are driven out of France, which happy conclusion is still I think a good way off.

Since a fortnight has now elapsed since our own visit to the trenches – I can safely tell you where we were.  We were in the line North of Armentieres, within sight of Messimes where the Scottish made the famous charge.  I shall very probably send you home a large parcel soon of warm clothing, for which I simply have not got room.  The weather is now very much warmer, and even if we do have a cold spell. It will not be a long one.  Could you possibly send me out the Graphic once a week – an illustrated paper is a perfect Godsend – or better than that the Illustrated London News.  Another “want” is the shoulder badges and “T’s” off my old tunic, which I believe has come back to you.  I have no time for any more.  Hope they are all well at home.  Give my love to all.


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