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12 March 1915

Sailly Sur la Lys, France

1/5th Leicestershire Regt.  British Expeditionary Force.

We have been fairly rushed about all over the country without more than a few minutes rest for some days.  After our weeks instruction in trench warfare, we rejoined our brigade and billeted for a couple of nights about 25 miles from the line.  We are now immediately in rear of the Canadian Division and we are following them up.  They will catch it first.  The biggest fight of the whole war is now on, and of course we are missing it.  I am keeping jolly fit and have never felt better in my life: simply rollicking, and enjoying myself immensely.  We slept for the most part on straw and when we can’t get that on the floor itself.  “Grandma” the new 15” (inch) gun is not far from here, if she goes off, goodness knows what will happen.  I’m sure our little town will fall down.  No time for more, towels arrived, hope Dad is O.K. Love to all.